In New Zealand, the snow fell unexpectedly

January 3, 2013. Residents of the South Island, which is part of the New Zealand, could not contain his surprise when their windows at the height of the summer went real snow. This unexpected gift islanders brought oceanic storm, accompanied by strong gusts of wind. Later joined by streams of snow shower.

The storm did not go away for the South Island. On the west coast it was destroyed several buildings, and the central section of the bridge near Harihar plunged into the water of the river Wanganui. Because of the snow, which lasted most of the night in the Otago region motorists had to abandon their vehicles on the road, not to get into an accident. Later the road, which followed the cars completely shut down to traffic police.

Snow also took place in the central part of the island. Because of this, many travelers moving to the east, had to take dirt roads, which ultimately increased their way to 7:00. Across the west of the South Island at night there were storm warning. The rainfall in the last 48 hours reached 600 mm.

As the storm with the snow began to leave the New Zealand, road authorities began to slowly prepare for the restoration work on the damaged bridge at Harihar to open traffic on it as quickly as possible. Another bridge near Kayyapoi also temporarily closed, as the water level in the river is too high and dangerous.



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