In one school the Irkutsk region have introduced an electronic card


15.11.12.V a school Shelekhova for settlements in the dining typed e kartu.Chto child ate, and at what cost is now easy to find the parents of students Shelekhov Lyceum. There, for the calculations in the dining room have introduced electronic map.

All costs under control. Magnetic card with a personal money account now have every student Shelekhov Lyceum. With the help of the guys paying the bill. According to the teachers, due to increased speed of service innovation, it became more and cafeteria.

— I now know how much money I need for the day, for a week. I believe that it is not limited my ability to finance, and vice versa, as if contributed, — said a student 11 "G" class MOU "Shelekhovsky School" Catherine Perevalova.

New electronic system is not all happy. Many students have lost their spending money. Parents are limited by the fact that just fill up the electronic account of his child. And that means — chips, soda, gum and other products that are not in the buffet — not buy. Moreover thanks to SMS alerts mom and dad know exactly how much cost lunch for your child.

— First of all, parents receive a text message that the child is eaten in the cafeteria. They also understand that all children receive a quality hot meal — the director MOU "Shelekhovsky college" Oksana Menovschikova.

These terminals schoolchildren and their parents fill up your personal account. Soon the school equipped with turnstiles and card students will take place in the building. Equipment Shelekhov Lyceum managed to get through the regional project "Digital School". While it is experimental. It is possible that over time, e-cards will be common to all schools in the region.

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