In Orel again collapsed soil

Karst holes

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17.04.12.Trolleybus wheel fell into the hole as a result of the collapse of the soil in the Eagle evening of 16 April. As the correspondent of IA REGNUM witnesses, none of the passengers was hurt, but because of an accident in the center of a traffic jam.
Locals associated with the repair of collapsed ground sewage collector Zarechensky neighborhood. The collector is known that in the course of construction works took place twice a collapse of the soil. The first "victim" of the collector car was sinking in the area transheyuna Zhukov. The driver of the car was not injured. Then, on January 15 as a result of the collapse of the soil in the reservoir, killing two workers. Prosecutor's Office requested a suspension of construction for 90 days, but in the end Ltd. "gadget", repairs, finished with a fine of 50 thousand rubles. and continue. In late March, the unfinished reservoir was indirectly responsible for another tragedy — the collision of a car with a concrete fence of the object managed by it killed 26-year-old law student of the institute.

Problems with the ground, local residents discovered in other parts of the Eagle. Winter at the intersection. Fomin and per. River was found under asphalt failure depth of 1.5 m


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