In Penza pond fish die. Video


25.09.12.Malku Kolyupanovskom in a pond located in the Penza region, desperately lacks oxygen. Alexey Baranov fished here two weeks ago and then it was all right, but the picture I saw a man the other day, left him in shock.

"On the shore lies a dead fish and fry swimming at the surface with their mouths open because they can not breathe," — said the fisherman.

Carp fry are still desperately fighting for his life, but the perch changing environmental conditions could not resist: the bodies of these sensitive aquatics littered the whole coast.

"The residents of Old Kamenka told me that merge into a pond of waste treatment facilities of the village. They must be disposed of in another place, but no pipes, and everything falls into the pond. Previously, this man also caught fish here, but stopped and now goes to another pond "- told Alexei Baranov.

The second pool is in these places the most environmentally friendly, since it is located above the old heaters, and, as we know from the laws of physics, nothing against the flow and merge. In Kolyupanovskogo same pond are piles of dead fish and stretch strange green stripes.

It is hard to convey how disgusting smell standing here. Tell the truth: more people — less oxygen. The man has done his work: due to the discharge of waste water, the fish left to die because of lack of air.

However, it is possible that the cause of death of animals are covered elsewhere. Information on the state of emergency on Kolyupanovskom pond were transferred to the relevant authorities, and experts have promised to visit the area.

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