In Rezh’s massive loss of livestock


Veterinary experts establish the cause of death of animals.

16.02.12.Sluchay mass deaths pets registered in Rezh near Sverdlovsk region.

In one of the villages in the backyard found dead dogs, cows and 11 goats, told JustMedia spokesman of the MOI of Russia for Sverdlovsk region Valery burned.

Information about the incident was handed over to the police department Shearing. In place of the departed investigative team led by Head of Alexander Baryshnikov.

Veterinary experts made a preliminary diagnosis of dead dogs — rabies. The corpses of the dead animals were sent to study in order to establish the exact cause of their deaths.

"In this village the locals there are 25 cows and about 150 goats — all animals was carried out emergency vaccination. At the backyard, where the animals were killed, there was one chick — its isolation "- said Valery burned.

According to him, the threat of epidemic, thanks to the rapid intervention of specialists in the village do not. At the backyard, killing animals, and around the quarantined, are processing area. The corpses of dead animals will be destroyed today.

Source: JustMedia

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