In rivers Kurzeme water level is higher than during the flood



20.12.11. Several Kurzeme rivers water level is higher than during the flood, the information center of the Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology.

This month, the water level rose significantly in all the rivers of Latvia, but often this occurs rapidly in Courland. Thus, in the upper reaches of the Venta, near the border with Lithuania, the water level rose by nearly four meters, and on Tuesday morning reached 519 centimeters, exceeding the record of the year — 510 cm 9 February.

The water level in the rivers and Roy Uzhava also slightly higher than during the flood in the year. And in other Kurzeme rivers water level over the past week rose by one to three meters.

In December Lielupe water rose to 60-100 cm, and its tributaries — one to two meters. In the Daugava, Gauja and other lagalskih Vidzeme and rivers — an average of 50-140 cm, and large Jugla — two meters.


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