In Sayan breaks geyser. Video


16.02.12.Neobychny phenomenon Cheryomushky people found on the road in a mountain forest Sayano-Shushenskaya Reserve. In a thirty-cold, straight from the snowpack, warm steam breaks. These open holes surrounded by snow, of which face a really warm air, we counted about eight.
Found them passers-by. In the cold of the original chimney was falling dense steam, which attracted the attention of residents of the village of Ina Sizonenko. Several years ago, scientists have found something like that in the mountains of Sayano-Shushenskaya Reserve. Initially there was a version that is bearish den. And the place went soaring expedition. The truth is nothing but stones and warm air coming from somewhere under them they could not be found. However, to explain why winter is hovering land nobody can.

Source: First City Television Sayanogorsk

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