In September, Afghans will begin issuing e-passports


6.08.12.Kak Spokesman of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Afghanistan, in September 2012 it is planned to start issuing electronic passports to Afghans.

At the press conference, he assured reporters that the issue of passports will be engaged in more than 400 special teams across the country, reports news agency "Bakhtar."

Recall that the Afghan government plans to give the Afghans elektronyne passports in the past two years. At this point in the IRA are paper passport.

Source: Afganistan.Ru


An interesting trend emerges, in whatever ways were not the country together, as it were, not conflict or limit you require leaders of these countries in the manner of how the presidents of Belarus Lukashenko hacked entrance of the U.S., and he's probably turned on the TV company about how the states are prepared concentration camps for people and prepare the plastic coffins as you can see in the Belarusian program look into the world, yet all are one and the same scenario as in Belarus and the United States, the same e-passport, the same surveillance camera on streets, it confirms that this is a play for political show, allegedly broken into a bipolar world, but there is a force that pulls the strings of these two poles, and the presidents of the countries in this case it is just pawns twirl as they want. How else when President Medvedev said in a televised address that by 2015 Russia is obliged to switch to electronic cards, and imposed the question, "Who is it ordered Russia to drink on those same e-cards??? It turns out that just like that someone can oblige the president this fucking country and he can not counter back, but to comply, so what do we do then go and who waited on?????

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