In Siberia, the fires are burning

In Siberia, the fires are burning Natural Disasters

Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia reports that in Siberia found 37 locations of fire, covering an area of 917.3 hectares. At the moment, under the control of firefighters are 13 of them, with an area of 705.8 hectares. To extinguish the mobilized 960 officers were firemen and 174 pieces of equipment.


The main heat source is located in Eastern Siberia. Considered to be the most affected of the Republic of Khakassia and Buryatia (22 focus), the Krasnoyarsk Territory and the Trans-Baikal region (16 seats). According to experts, the further spread of fire is unlikely, though satellite recorded several new mini-centers, which, under certain obstoyateltvah can develop into a full-fledged fire. It is about dvug localizations in the Trans-Baikal region and eight in Buryatia.

In 2012 fire season began much earlier than usual, because as a rule, Siberian forests burn in during the hot and dry summer and autumn. It is possible that the reasons for the current Anthropogenic fire, the Ministry of the main reasons cited igniting dry grass, the local population and the careless use of fire.

Siberian fires in 2010 killed 62 people. Thousands of people were left homeless.

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