In Sochi, one of the houses collapsed wall. Video


12.05.12.Bolshe year there is a struggle with the landslide. We talked about this in one of our stories. Residents believe that a landslide triggered by the construction site, which is next to — to make a new power line. First crack went to the ground, then appeared on the houses. And here the first wall collapsed. Fortunately, no one was hurt. 

Six committees were, what's the point? Only pictures of hands and bred, said wall put, outlets do. Where? No tractors, no cars, these homes are gone, too, for our approach. Livni will begin, and we do not sleep at night, in the morning in the window looking at. Where we live, in which country?

Marina Knutova, a resident of the street Ternovaya

It is home to four families. All the evening after they sat PE and wept from the wreckage. Left home for the night, they could not. Settled down for the night right there in the yard.

How can you live in a house, I do not know. That's the neighbor's house in the cracks, below all the houses were cracked — look, let someone pay attention to us, we do not know what to do.

Galina Ilyin, a resident of the street Ternovaya

Already collected two folders with letters in building organizations, administration, prosecutor's office and the president. But the result is still not. Although on paper the measures to stop the landslide and protect people who are actively accepted.

Yesterday we received a letter from the president, it stipulates that the work is underway, reinforce the slope. But a month is not any equipment at the site.

Galina Ilyin, a resident of the street Ternovaya

A few weeks ago, Social Security authorities have banned live in this house for young children. Parents are required to take children from a dangerous home. Families suffering his RPPOs.

I'm going to work there as I sit on the needle: the house of that with my children, as there Moldovka grandchildren?

Lusa Ohanian, a resident of the street Ternovaya

Residents of the village of Cherry made an appointment to Anatoly Pakhomov, hoping to help the mayor. Meanwhile, officers of Adler district promised to install a pair of destroyed house trailers, which will be able to move people. Promise that temporarily.

Source: Maksportal

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