In Spain, prohibit cash


18.11.12.V Spain enters into force a law that prohibits paying over 2.5 thousand euros in cash, the newspaper El Mundo. For tourists made an exception — they are allowed to pay in cash the amount of 15 thousand euros.

In the case of confirmation of the illegal transfer of money will be deducted 25% of the amount. The same amount will have to pay for those who conceive divide a large sum of several smaller ones. For example, if 4000 euro will be transferred to two meetings on 2000 euro in hand, the inspectors of the same fined a thousand euros. What is the party of the transaction will have to pay the money, the Finance Ministry will decide. Most of November 19 will be fine both.

Spanish authorities expect that residents will communicate with each other, and thus increase state revenue — online tax department a special section for "informed citizens." Anonymous denunciation is impossible — in case of treatment will need to provide proof of identity and other documents.

The new law is a set of measures envisaged to combat financial fraud. Initially, the ban on the payment of large sums of cash planned to introduce three months ago, but the date was later changed to suit small businesses.

In Madrid, the hope that innovation will help reduce the amount of money on the "black market" and increase revenue. This is the most ambitious measure to combat fraud in the history of Spanish democracy, stress in the Finance Ministry.

I venture to remind that Russia insists on banning cash.

Paper money is ordered to live long. Video

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