In Spassky’s dying cows and bees


19.04.11.V Spassky district of Tatarstan noted massive loss of livestock. Before dying, obeznozhennye animals can have some time, moo, raise my head … especially prone to paralysis calves.

With the regional branch of the Russian Social-Ecological Union Nelya Biktimirova we toured several villages. Throughout the mysterious plague villagers told the same: The disease develops rapidly, even those who managed to kill the animal, it is still not able to eat meat (it was watery, and there was a lot of blood is unusual.)

That's what told the "EC" in the village Yambuhtino first passerby: "I slaughtered calf immediately sent the carcass cattle cemetery. Consider 12,000 thrown in the trash. A cow I have also stopped going. I sold it for 6000. Secondhand dealer gave some to whom it still needs the patient? ". From a neighbor of the man sick cow long, just one day, and died at once.

In the villages of Tartar Takhtaev, Bolgar Arysh, Bulgaria, neighboring the Yambuhtino, residents claim that most cases of the disease was unknown in the village of Claim Ryazyap only, say, ryazyapovskie owes nothing to tell, because the head of the area from there.

Simultaneously obeznozhivaniem cattle in a mass death of bees. "I have 18 families were killed — complains beekeeper Rashid from Bulgaria — honey is, and bees — no. For the three months had disappeared. I-it's okay, apiary was little, and yet others are also over 70 families have lost, who feeds from the apiary. "

No one in the area is not taken formally investigate the causes and consequences of environmental unfolding drama. And the people offering their own versions.

Only a few hundred kilometers away from the Bulgarian is Dimitrovgrad Research Institute of Nuclear Reactors — Riar. Ulyanovsk environmentalists branded it as "Povolzhskoe Fukushima." They say that in 1981, SRI released into the atmosphere 15 tons of radioactive gas mixture, and in 1997, at 15 — 20 times higher than the maximum permissible concentrations of radioactive iodine-131, and it's only two characters in the list of incidents. Kazan scientists NIIGeolnerud generally found that the liquid radioactive waste that nuclear institute pumping into the ground, go to the Gulf Cheremshanskaya Volga, on tectonic faults distributed in Tatarstan. Dimitrovgrad NGO "Center for Support of Civil Initiatives" loud claims about the dangers of nuclear institute, but she was not aware of whether any recent release that could affect the health of animals. Only here in Riar recently discovered molybdenum production for medical purposes.

Guides the development of the nuclear industry in the Ulyanovsk region, by the way, our compatriot Andrey Silkin, who two years ago spent nuclear experiment in the Spassky district. Recall, if the farm "Bulgar Arysh" planted hundreds of tons of irradiated seeds. And by the way, independent environmentalists have found inconsistencies between statements and reality of the experimenters.

"They reported to President Medvedev that received an increase yields, although in reality they are collected only to 4 tons per hectare — said Nelly Biktimirova. — But Tatar Institute of Agriculture without any radiation received at the same time yield of 14 quintals per hectare, and in some areas, and all 30! That's about irradiated corn locals say that she went on a silo, and then fed to livestock. And there needs checked whether such negligence in the performance of the experiment, because unknown is safe to feed grown from irradiated seeds. "

The lists of possible culprits of their troubles locals call and agricultural firm "Krasny Vostok Agro" (dying village Spassky district are small islands in the middle of the fields belonging to the agrogigantu). People complain that the "Red East" watering their fields with something straight from the aircraft. However, the company says that it is not doing anything illegal.

In the area there is no veterinary service, there's a reason troubles with cattle, said a resident of Bolgar Zinaida Petrova. "Three years of blood was taken from my cows — complained she told" BK "- take the analysis and leave him in the district center. And what is there and how, do not speak. And do not even say that my cow is, leukemia. Now selling this, it hurts! What to do to live it on something right! Under Soviet rule, and the cows were given de-worming medicine, and without vaccination in the pasture were not allowed to infect other animals are not parasites. Now, in his own way treats. Or does not treat, or cripples. Won my neighbor says that vitamins give chickens, so rushed. I asked her: what vitamins you give? Toilet paper, says. "

In the village there is Yambuhtino interest: legged calf. He's the only one who survived the disease. Because his boss — the one who went to the vet, and Yevgeny Fyodorov has fulfilled all his instructions. Vet this, incidentally, is also the only one in the whole neighborhood. And he — privately owned.

— Obeznozhennye animals sick osteodystrophy — Fedorov said. — Cause disease — lack of vitamins and calcium. Animals do not get enough of them from food. The summer was dry, and the plants are not able to recruit nutrients. To prevent the disease is easy, you just need time to deal with parasitic infestations and supplement the diet of cattle vitamins.

The doctor says that the treatment prescribed to all who addressed him, but not all were treated: in the village think, say, where have you seen to nurse the animals, and even medicine for two thousand rubles?

That master legged calf recognizes that if the disease persists, the calf to nurse it will no longer: "We raise our cattle, and so at a loss, one roll of hay for them is 3000. What to do? Take. Work in the countryside there. I took 58,000 to support the business, 11 of them at once gave to the tax, 4 — in retirement. On the rest bought two calves. Even if grown and selling them at forty thousand, still remain in the statement. "

"Do you remember that the last time you bought yourself? No calf, not for the economy, "- I asked this tall, healthy man. He was embarrassed. Even stepped back, his hat pulled down over his forehead, laughing. He seemed to become uncomfortable for their poverty, though he did not do anything.

According to veterinarian Evgeny Fedorov, osteodystrophy season — spring. New cases are already fixed. This time not obeznozhili calves, and pigs and sheep.

In 2009 in Australia to investigate cases of paralysis and death in cats. It was found that animals were irradiated dry food from Canada. Based on the verification of imported food into the country was banned. It is no secret that the gamma sterilization of food and feed leads to a deficiency of vitamins in them. Rosatom said that this year, wants to start a food irradiation in Tatarstan and preparing the legal framework for the authorization of gamma irradiation not only in agriculture, but also in the food industry that irradiated foods are eaten not only animals, but also people.

Author Aigul Sharafieva

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