In Stavropol, roses bloom in December


Photo: Julia FILTER

3.12.12.Poka of central Russia struggles with snow drifts, paralyzed traffic on highways and airport operations, and other cool "charms" of winter, in the Stavropol region back like spring.

Abnormally warm and sunny weather was awakened sunken seasonal hibernation plants and made them not only exfoliate, but also flower. Thus, in the Stavropol family Novikovs living on Passage of March, right in the first day of winter in the garden … blossomed roses. As twine, and conventional, cluster. White and pink and bright red flowers adorned the front yard, as if the yard is May.

By the way, followed by the "queen of flowers" to life awoke and calendula — its buds promise to please the owners loose orange colors. Unless, of course, this warm weather will last a day or two.


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