In Taiwan, the destruction of more than seven thousand chickens


Taipei, March 9 / Xinhua / — In order to prevent a possible outbreak of bird flu at a poultry Changhua County of Taiwan on Thursday destroyed more than seven thousand chickens egg production.

Earlier in the chicken farm has more than 13 thousand laying hens, but among them in the last two weeks have been cases of permanent death.

As reported by Taiwanese media, due to the fact that on two poultry farms Changhua County recently, an outbreak of avian influenza H5N2, as well as due to the fact that the mortality of chickens at a poultry farm this was too high, the local sanitary and epidemiological agency decided to destroy all the surviving hens on this chicken farm.

Since the beginning of this year in central and southern Taiwan region has been marked by incidents of mass death of birds, which, according to the results of the investigation, agricultural, were caused by avian influenza.

Source: Russian.News.Cn

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