In Taiwan, the raging typhoon. Video


03.08.12.Zhertvami typhoon "Saola" in Taiwan were 5 people. These are preliminary data. The second struck the island in August brought Hurricane of 1800 mm. rainfall resulted in landslides in many areas, destroyed many homes and left without light 190,000 households.

Although to date the typhoon weakened, forecasters warn that rainfall in the coming days will continue.

Typhoon "Saola" hit Taiwan at night. The first hit county Hualyansyulin. Strong rainfall led to the landslide.

"It began at half past three. At first the water flowed gently, I ran to wake people and suddenly — a powerful stream. Only realized that no time. "

Typhoon brought destruction to many areas in the north and central parts of the island. In Hsinchu, Ilan and other places went mudslides. Xia river burst its banks, Taichung Sinbey filled water. In Sinbee lot of people were left homeless, residents of Ida cut off from the outside world. The area Baolay at any time can happen Landslide, more than 150 people quickly evacuated.

"I've lived here for 60 years, but so powerful typhoon ever seen."

Three hours later, about six in the morning, the typhoon left the island and continued to move to the north-west. However, in the afternoon, "Saola" again reached Taiwan, this time — the city Sinbey. Fortunately, by this time weakened the hurricane, but forecasters warned that the people of Taiwan to relax just yet. According to the calculations of meteorologists to 11 hours the first day of August in Yilan County dropped about 1,800 mm. precipitation.

Because of the typhoon in 19 counties stopped going to school, closed many businesses and shops. Took off and stock markets. Losses in the agricultural sector exceeded 100 million novyyh Taiwan dollars, or more than $ 3 million. The elimination of consequences of natural disasters thrown 600.
Editor: Zhu Zhen


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