In Tallinn, summer flowers bloom. Photo



28 .. 12.11.Anomalno warm for December weather led to the fact that in Tallinn summer flowers bloom, writes Ilmajaam. We bring you the photo gallery.

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The new record of Estonia: December 27 has never been so warmly

27.12.11.Esche never December 27 in Estonia was not as warm as today. According to the Estonian Meteorological and Hydrological Institute, today, in the first half of the day was recorded in Tallinn temperature 8.8 degrees in Tartu air warmed up to 9.2 degrees, writes Ilmajaam.

Previous temperature record for December 27 — 5.8 degrees in Tallinn and 5.9 degrees in Tartu.

Temperature record for the whole of December was established on 6 December 2006: Tartu was 11.5 degrees Celsius, in Tallinn — 10.7 degrees.

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