In Temirtau lilacs bloomed in September


14.09.12.V Temirtau have Dachnitsa Zaymidi Love in the garden under the window of a country house re-bloomed lilac bush, reports 

As the gardeners, the lilac blooms once a year, usually in May or early June. Love on the site Zaymidi, Dachnitsa with years of experience, lilacs bloomed again in September, very much surprised pensioner.

"We're just stunned! My daughter already has opened his mouth! Said my mother come here, look. I say: Well, I see — the bush is, but so what? Yes blossomed, they say. I say, wow, what is that? We honestly have had a similar case in the old country house "KMC", only with apple tree: there was a frost or a party was, or what … But to lilacs bloomed again — never seen anything like it "- shared Dachnitsa.

Recently, more and more people are watching the case of abnormal flowering of the plants and trees in the late summer or early fall bloom and bear fruit simply can not. This behavior is because of abnormally warm weather in the autumn "cheating" plants, causing re-bloom.

As experts say, it is often a consequence of the cold winter and hot summer, and not an environmental disaster. Extracurricular flowering apple trees can be explained by a kind of "hormonal malfunction" in the body of the tree, caused by drought, high humidity, or other vagaries of nature.

Also, this happens when, during a volatile spring weather lays late buds that can not bloom in time and try to take advantage of the warm autumn. Or after the summer drought period with the arrival of the rainy and cold weather get off the biological clock, and the plants seemed to confuse the autumn and spring.

According to folk same signs, if the plant begins to bloom again in autumn, the weather promises to be warm and dry. And, they say, he who has seen lilacs blooming for the second time, should also make a wish, and it will surely come.

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