In Temirtau recorded epidemic of chickenpox


KARAGANDA. February 4. — In the city of Karaganda region Temirtau an outbreak of chicken pox.

New cases of children with chickenpox doctors fix each day. On the agency reported Head surveillance management GSEN on Temirtau Gulsim Balapanova.

"In January 2011, we recorded a total of 114 cases of chickenpox, but this year there are more than 300. Ill mostly children from 2 to 7 years, most of whom attend kindergarten, "- said G.Balapanova.

"Chickenpox has a frequency of the disease, which is repeated every 1-2 years. That is, if this year we have growth, then the next we wait to reduce morbidity, "- she said.

According to doctors, the last time such an outbreak was fixed in 2009 — then recorded 400 cases of infection per month.

As noted in the Sanitary and Epidemic Control, to avoid increasing the incidence could be through vaccination. But vaccination against varicella in the Republican map is not included, and thus do not become free. Yes, and for the money to put a shot only in the regional center — Karaganda.

Doctors advise when the first symptoms to see a doctor.

"Basically, a fever of about 38-39 degrees, body rash on the face that lasts a few days," — said the head of the surveillance.

Now Temirtau, to stop the spread of the disease, experts SES are enhanced scrutiny of kindergartens and schools. As intended by epidemiologists, each room must be daily kvartsevanie, aeration and wet cleaning. Health workers, in turn, every morning to inspect the children and, in the event of symptoms, send them to the doctor.

Chicken pox, chicken pox — an acute viral disease transmitted by airborne droplets. Usually characterized by fever and rash.

The source of infection — a sick man, which is an epidemic threat to the end of the incubation period and before falling scabs. Ill mostly children aged 6 months to 7 years.
Valentine Vaganova


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