In Texas, there was a dust storm

In Texas, there was a dust storm Natural Disasters

In the U.S. state of Texas an unexpected dust storm. In the automobile accident involving her, one person was killed, and another 17 suffered minor injuries. Specialists believe the root cause of the storm in a drought, do not let the staff the past few months in the summer and fall.

During the storm wind speed was 88 km / h, he was able to raise in the air a lot of sand, which reduced visibility to a minimum. Because these conditions are extremely dangerous for the road, it was a formal decision to close the motorway section linking Abernathy and New Deal. As on it with zero visibility when nothing is visible on the car hood, had to happen 23 accident.

Since the conditions on the street is not safe enough, all residents living near the site of the dislocation of the storm, it is recommended to temporarily refrain from trips and travel for long distances. Klimotologi, in turn, continue to insist that if we contribute to drought, and if drought conditions last more than three days, a U.S. territory in the near future turn into a giant "dusty pot", as it did in the 1930s.

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