In the Altai village Victory continue to kill livestock. Video


4.12.12.Kak BelTA SKY24 member of the initiative group Tatyana Lindt still cattle given food only once a day. This changed only in that the dead animals were taken out of the barnyard.

"Feeding the cattle are still empty. The poor animals eat only once a day and then, if the "lucky." Water either. Many already want to go to the prosecutor. We talked about how to sell livestock, but has been included in the bank bail. Came two buyers, one immediately refused, the other is not known. Collective farmers for 6 months are not paid. Want to find out the problem at the highest levels, " — Told the agency.

Recall that members of the collective farm "Victory", the village Nikolaevka German national area (Altai region) wrote a letter to the editor SKY24 screaming for help. The text is unedited:

Collective farmers for 6 months are not paid. For non-payment of electricity has been de-energized and the whole farm is a very large loss of livestock. Cattle feed 1 time a day, more recently by the breaks in 3-5 days as there is no food at all, if brought from somewhere, then a little — a little and give primarily milch cattle. Dead cattle from stockyards were not taken out. Walk over the corpses yet live animals They bite off each other's tails and suck the blood. Half dead lie on the dead, and with pleading eyes, look around, but to them no one approach, and do not cut, because the cattle laid on bail in the bank. Such horror, we have not seen in my life. Negligence and impunity chairman Eichmann VI generates resentment and people disbelief in any justice. Such a state of affairs known to all, including the district administration and management of agricultural area, but things are there. We ask you to help me. If this state of affairs will be known outside the area, then maybe something will change and so will stop the torment animals.

More 13 members of the farm and farm workers to sign on to this letter.

At one of the Altai breed plants die elite cattle

3.12.12.Natalya Vogel, employee selhozarteli "Plemzavod farm" Victory "," When I came here 30 years ago, it was very rich in agriculture, livestock and now hungry, do not feed, dies young. "

Natalia worked here for 30 years. Says victory in the past, were trouble. Employees are not paid salaries for six months, workshops and farms powered down for non-payment, no food, livestock killed.

Galina Tkachenko, employee selhozarteli "Plemzavod farm" Victory "," die, lying in heaps, they do not clean up diesel, young animals eating each other's tails poobgryzali. "

Not only the members of the farm, but the villagers clear the farm was something wrong and put up with that they do not intend to.

Natalia Babaev, a resident of the village Nikolaevka: "I live on the next street from the farm, so the heart breaks when unfed animals screaming. He does not cry, and just howl. "

But elected at a general gathering of the kolkhoz chairman Victor Eichmann said that his workers and villagers are exaggerating. But literally feeding barred the way to the barn. But the fact that the chairman has worked hard to hide. Here died young, that's eaten by other animals dead, but cold, the snow and the complete lack of feed. The members of the boundary commission has already submitted a report. The first thing they will address the issue of feeding, then all the others, including those who are to blame for this situation.

Dmitry Klishin

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