In the Annunciation School to install video cameras


10.11.12. "At the entrance to the school will install two cameras. A special program will read the face of every student who enters or leaves the building, and send text messages to parents about it, "- the words of the consultant of the organization and personnel of the Ministry of Education of Basil Elk seem quote from a fantastic story. But it's true.

Set of equipment for secondary school № 28 of Blagoveshchensk has formed, it is now being tested in Khabarovsk. Until the end of the month will install equipment at the school. And next week, the disciples of the 28th school will learn yet another innovation — the payment of school lunches with plastic cards, and expense reports of children's parents will also receive via SMS messages.

— 28-th school was not accidental: the team of the institution — the most active user of the system, "Electronic Journal" and "electronic diary", — said Vasily Los. — That is why in the pilot project to recognize the camcorder they participate.

The new technique is capable of detecting up to 500 persons in the second, and the error of camera is only 2%. According to the developers, this system is used by the Russian special services — simply select subway stations to search for criminals. Each set of equipment costs budget of half a million rubles. The value of our counterpart — 50,000 rubles.

— Originally planned to put in schools turnstiles. But it is quite expensive — equipment with the unit would cost each institution about 200 thousand rubles. Also requires a lot of coordination with the fire inspectors and other authorities — adds Consultant, organizational and personnel work MES Amur. — In other regions where the turnstiles are standing, they are starting to give up and move on to the system with video cameras. In the first set of Amur equipment must set before the end of November in the school № 28.

The system will not only recognize faces, but also to send a mobile message every parent that the child went to school and when he left it. Now absent from class unnoticed by mom and dad do not get: the parents will know exactly whether the student did not run home early.

— But that's not all. Starting next week, the school № 28 will earn the payment system in the dining room on the school plastic cards — continues Vasily Los. — The equipment has already been purchased, and the cards are in school, they are ordered by specialists Dalcombank. It remains only to establish the terminal itself.

It looks like the terminals in supermarkets and shops. Rather than give the child the money in cash, now parents can translate them on the map. In this case, you can be sure that the money is spent for lunch, not for candy or something. In fact, after each use of the card to parents comes an SMS message with the report, which has spent much money their child. By the way, the card can be used to pay for bus fare.

Another feature — on a school map can be no more than $ 100. This will protect the children from the temptation to save money intended for the purchase of meals. Learn about technical innovations in the school № 28 see in upcoming issues and the site AP.

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