In the Chinese province of Anhui landslide

February 21, 2013. The city Huancheng province Anhui, located in the eastern part of China, there was a landslide. A plot of land broke down about 15 meters high. It was followed by two two-storey houses that were on the same hill, but a few feet above. The case houses completely destroyed and can not be restored.

During the seven year old boy suffered a cataclysm, which was bombarded by mud and stones. After a three-hour rescue operation team of rescuers managed to extract it from-still alive under the rubble, but the child died in hospital from serious injuries.

In addition to a boy by a landslide damaged two more adult men from the village of Khiva. Because these people happen to be very close to the surface of the collapse, rescuers managed to free them extract from-under the deposited mud and promptly deliver to the hospital for medical care. At the moment, their condition is not serious.


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