In the East Kazakhstan area burned prairie


7.05.11.V East Kazakhstan region one day there were two major steppe fire, reports referring to the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Kazakhstan.

The first fire occurred in Sennoy Bolshenarymskogo forestry area. Involved in the elimination of 61 fire officers and fire CSR field Hay forestry. Approximate fire area is 70 hectares. Victims and victims.

Another fire broke out in the Lower Turgusunskom Ziryan forestry area. So far, firefighters managed to localize the heat source. In fire fighting involved five personnel and two units of fire service equipment DES East Kazakhstan region MES RK, and 35, and two pieces of equipment, lower Turgusunskoe forestry. Fire area is 62 hectares, of which 55 hectares of steppe array and 7 hectares of forest. Victims and victims.

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