In the Komi-Perm district mass death of fish


14.11.12.Tri weeks ago at the village Pronino lowered local pond. Former officials say that it was necessary. Fish at this time you can catch bags. Do not even fishing rods. Pike, carp, ruffs and carp lying on the bottom of the former the former pond. Wear waders and gathering. Easy prey fish, which can simply gather hands went not to the public. People no one say when the water goes. Therefore, a considerable part of the fish just died.

— Horror same — clasping his hands woman — a resident of the village Mazunino Yugov Rice — fish on the shore whipped, beaten her with sticks, spears, there is tons of it, probably! To 60 pounds at a time getting out. The smell of rot was. This is our nature, live! Why in the other pond fish temporarily placed?

— We are already in a week, according to rumors learned that the pond was lowered — said active resident Lydia Leninsk Kochetova. — No that's not such a small fish species — a woman in a helpless hand thumb and index finger, showing the size of the fish. — The pond is surely common! If only, if not warned, would bring so sold on the cheap in the village.

Former deputy head of the Lenin settlements Michael Mikhalev, short answers that this pond was 20, he was alert, dam sprung a leak, and the government merged the water, as the provisions of Gostehnadzora. Why not warn people, he says.

New deputy Alexander Klimov's nothing wrong with that pond later, does not see. He recalls that this spring opened a new pond in the Leninsk. Part of the old fish pond with water left in the new one, and now you can fish right in the village. A restoration of a pond near Pronino — it's not fast. First you have to order the construction documents, which are necessary for a lot of money. Well, the fish collected, who have time.

But the former head of the Lenin settlement Basil Zubov said mirror pond will have to clean now, as freeze:

— In August, we signed a contract with "Northern Alliance", they have a pond in the lease. Fit the equipment there, and if done right, can be in the summer the water is empty again.

However, the Executive Director of "Northern Alliance" Dmitry Nechaev this information is not confirmed:

— The first time I heard about it. Such works are generally not our.

The pond was lowered during anarchy

Water and fish from the pond near the village Pronino went right between the two rounds of presidential elections Lenin settlement. Former head of the settlement Basil Zubov ultimately did not re-elected. The new head of Zoe Gulyaev still can not say exactly why, after the pond, "who ate fish," and what's next. Perhaps the woman says, will have to contact the police. The locals say, that Basil Zubov just gave the fish, bribing voters, and his deputy Michael Mikhalev were caught her secretly, very much. If the government said nothing to anyone, it means — it's not clear, said residents.

The pond was for all

The area of the pond at the village Pronino 18 hectares. It contained 420,000 cubic meters of water (three and a half times less than the city pond.) Went to the pond to fish from Kudymkar, the District of Perm. Here were carried pike, carp, ruffe, bream, roach, shakleya. New pond in Leninsk least, his area of 36 hectares, it contains 470,000 cubic meters of water. Kudymkar pond surface area, compared to the roughly 80 hectares, it contains about a half million cubic meters of water. There was so much fish in the pond proninskom, and how much could go into the pond Lenin, hardly anyone will be able to count. Was poaching during the descent — the police do not understand, the statements were not.


Michael Otin, a member of the society of hunters and fishermen, p. Leninsk

"You could talk to people"

Lower the pond was necessary to clean, but not so well organized. One could discuss it with people, with the fishermen, to guard, to fish in another pond passed, or even to move it there. Have warned that more people could collect the remaining fish. And so, the one who knows when to go down the pond, the network could put the lower pond and catch a lot of fish. Previously, because even watch fishermen staged, and then, in 90 years, the government let things take their course, and our society has become weaker. We will try to work with the new government.

Vasily Zubov, the former head of the Lenin rural settlement:

"Everyone knew who should be — come, gathered"

— The thing is that the pond should be cleaned, was two years old. Still need to overhaul the dam. Next federal highway. Can you imagine what would have happened if it was flooded? And who would bear the responsibility for this? Over the pond I tried three times, until it was leased to the society of hunters and anglers. For the fact that nothing is being done there. Acquitted. And now people are saying, as if in my subfield barrels of fish are, well, they do not understand. The fish went to the new pond. How many remained, gathered enough people — well, God bless him. Its the same two weeks to go down, everyone knew who should be — come and collect.

Nina Mosheva, environmentalist Kudymkar district administration:

"The decisions are not required to agree"

— Actually, we would have to agree, of course, with us, it was serious. But by law the power of the settlements to make that decision themselves, if they felt it necessary. Coordinate with the district authorities are not obliged to their solutions.

In the pond in Kudymkar eliminate shortcomings

Three weeks ago, the people of the city saw that the water was gone from the city pond. In city government explained that it was a planned descent. Because it is necessary to eliminate the shortcomings of the contractor. They found the officials and did not take the work. Eliminates the disadvantages of the contractor himself — LLC "Vertical", under the contract, that is, the extra money, the authorities do not spend. Fix all have until the end of this year. Repair work on the GTS at the city pond were conducted in the fall of 2010. Disbursed almost 44 million (not including cleaning the pond bed).

Snezana Bratchikova.

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