In the Kuban cope with the consequences of nature. Video


24.05.12.Livnevye rains left without electricity for more than seven and a half thousand residents of the Krasnodar Territory. Deenergized 165 transformer substations in Sochi, Abinsk, Crimean, Krasnoarmeysk and Tuapse districts. Also partially de-energized and the village of village of Poltava Sauk-Dere.

Damage to overhead lines and substations have to fix in gusty winds and heavy rain. In the recovery operation involved 15 teams and 20 pieces of heavy machinery. Promise to resume the power supply for the day. Problems due to bad weather and in Temryuk district. It introduced a state of emergency. In the city during a downpour, according to preliminary data, podtopilo about 150 yards.

Let me remind you the day before in the area was declared a storm warning. Now Temryuk staffed MOE. The water from the homesteads and especially trying to pump out flooded areas. Several people have been evacuated. Victims and victims.

At the moment the situation normalizes. Authorities are only trying to assess the damage caused to the element. Let me remind you, during a rainstorm flooded part of the road was Temryuk — Krasnodar. According to MOE, its traffic is not stopped.

Source: Lead Kuban

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