In the Kuban was a mass death of birds. Video


29.11.12.Prichinu mass death of birds in Temryuk district and near Anapa ascertain regional management specialists Rosselkhoznadzor. Now most of the dead birds utilized.

The results of analyzes of samples from local reservoirs will be known by mid-afternoon. According to experts Rosselkhoznadzor, a preliminary version of mass death of birds — bird flu.

Dead ducks, cormorants, swans were found earlier this week at the border areas Temryuk and Anapa. The exact number of dead birds in the Rosselkhoznadzor can not yet name. In Temryuk district numbering from a few hundred to a thousand.

28.11.12.Spetsialisty Rosselkhoznadzor Administration of Krasnodar Krai and Republic of Adygea explain the reasons for the mass death of birds in Temryuk district and Anapa.

"Our experts are working at the scene. Gathering data and materials into the deaths of birds are under investigation, — the "Live Kuban" Acting Head of State Veterinary Surveillance for conducting veterinary preventive measures and organizational and methodological work department Vadim Ryzhkov. — While there is no precise information about the number of birds killed, and on what territory. Data from the laboratory will be known tomorrow, 29 November. "

According to unconfirmed information, on the coast of the Black Sea was a mass death of waterfowl. In Temryuk district is 100 meters to the beach, there are 70 phone birds.

According to RIA Novosti the number of birds killed more than 600 individuals

MOSCOW, November 29 — RIA Novosti, Tatyana Kuznetsova. The mass death of birds in Temryuk district of the Krasnodar Territory and the area of the resort of Anapa could occur because of bird flu, said on Thursday, RIA Novosti the regional management Rosselkhoznadzor.

"Staff made a preliminary diagnosis of dead birds — bird flu. We are waiting for the final results, "- said the source.

On Thursday, environmentalists said that the first information about the death of the birds in Temryuk district began to come to him on Monday, November 26. As of November 28, killing more than 600 different species of birds, including pelicans, curly in the Red Book of Russia. Based on the species composition of dead birds and a vast territory, the country with their loss, we can assume poisoning, environmentalists say.

The regional Rosselkhoznadzor reported that according to their information, the case of birds occurred near Anapa and the spit Ingots in Temryuk district.

"Among the dead birds — swans, pelicans, ducks and coots. Gathering birds. The exact number of dead birds yet, but it's hundreds of birds, "- said the source.

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