In the river, Poltava Erik mass death of fish. Video


7.07.11.Rechka Poltava Erik Kuban ceased to be a popular destination among anglers rybakov.Po words, instead of the past catch two to three pounds a day is hard to catch at least one live fish.

Local residents believe that the blame for what is happening is that the pond drains waste meat. Fish began to float belly-up, and the blood trickling from the gills.

The fact that the fish are dying, in the department of natural resources and the state environmental control Krasnodar region have learned from the media STC. Now experts are already working on the ground. As told State Department Inspector Nicholas Galitzine, now on this fact acts conducted water sampling. Samples were sent to the laboratory research institute, and after receiving the results of the tests will be made and conclusions.

Laboratory results will be ready in a few days. Then it will become clear what caused the mass death of fish.

Source: Broadcasting Company "NTK"

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