In the river, the fish died Tishanka


River Tishanka Photo:

8.08.11.V weekend villagers Tishanka Talovsky district found that flows in these places Tishanka River, which flows into Bityug, lost fish — roach, pike, perch.

According to villagers, the dead fish so much that it completely covered the surface of the river.

In the district administration correspondents "E!" Told that the fish in the river suffocated due to lack of oxygen caused by the heat wave.

Another version — kill livestock to villagers themselves with elektroudochek. Industrial discharges in the village Tishanka not.

Tishanka — River in the Voronezh region of Russia, left tributary Bityug (Don basin). Tishanka River flows through Talovsky, Anninskii Voronezh region of Russia. Its length is 56 km. During the quiet, winding track, overgrown with reeds in many places, some parts of the shore steep.

Source: MY!-Online  , Wikipedia

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