In the Sicilian town of Canneto the mysterious outbreak of fire




For the past month in the small Sicilian town of Canneto, located on the beautiful coast between Palermo and Messina, is a strange phenomenon: for no apparent reason start unexplained outbreak of a fire. They are already affected more than 12 houses in which light up at different times different electrical appliances — televisions, refrigerators, intercoms, electric meters and contacts. It would seem that this is just a power failure, but in the same way the beginning of light and furniture. Before the astonished looks inhabitants of the town were on fire, sofas, blankets and curtains in several houses. At first, no one believed the stories of the inhabitants of the town. Desperate residents had blocked the railroad that passes by, in order to force the government to take their concerns seriously. Since then, the story became known, and Canneto, home to just 150,000 people, was called "magical lights of the town." In the seaside town has been strengthened by the presence of police and fire protection, which, however, found no evidence of arson. In search of a scientific explanation of what is happening there came together a lot of experts from different organizations. But this has not led to unambiguous scientific explanation of the mysterious fires. Meanwhile, a mysterious phenomenon continued in front of the police even after isolating the town from the mains. The fire had engulfed even running water. On some days of the inhabitants of the town were evacuated. One of them described how broke shoes on his feet and trousers, and he felt the devil's the smell of sulfur. So much so, that the well-known Catholic priest Gabriele Amorth called to bless the homes affected by mysterious fires. Frightened villagers are ready to believe the most bizarre hypotheses, such as the action of supernatural forces, the influence of some satellites for military purposes or floating near the submarine and even the intervention of aliens. Scientists suggest that the fires provoked unusual electromagnetic phenomena, but mystery remains (Radio "Liberty").


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