In the skies over Africa exploded another meteor

March 15, 2013. Residents of Cape Town's claim that on March 12 2013 , they saw a meteorite, after a "ball of fire" exploded in the sky in the city.

He was spotted just after noon. Nicolas Lorin, astronomer of the South African Astronomical Observatory, said that they received four or five reports from witnesses.

Fireball with a white tail, iridescent green and blue light appeared in the sky above the city is likely to have been caused by an accumulation of dust that may have formed in space and entered into the Earth's atmosphere.

Lauren explains: "In March, are two meteor shower, one of them has a peak on March 13 — and most of all, we have to deal with it. And the second will begin later this month, and it will have a peak in April. "

Says astronomer, there is no reason to panic, as the meteor showers "are common and predictable."

Based on:  Independent Online

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