In the South Urals inexplicably killed many wild birds


8.06.12.Takogo the Southern Urals was not yet — this year for some reason a lot of wild birds are killed. South Urals and then run across the corpses of pigeons and sparrows.

— Please note that this year the streets of so many dead pigeons? — Asked an employee of private veterinary clinic, Svetlana, with a kitten when I once again came to her at the reception. — Never such was not yet! We have a bird on the analysis did not take, but I think that it is dying because of kakih-nibud emissions.

The deterioration of the environmental situation in the region, can not speak: emissions about as much as it was in previous years. The idea of a connection frequent deaths of birds from flying military aircraft deviates too — no such data. As there is no evidence that birds are killed under the wheels of cars, because of the unknown virus, drought or lack of fodder. So what happens to our birds?

Chelyabinsk veterinarian Karen Dallakyan thinks that talk about environmental disaster is inappropriate. He thinks that the cause of mass death of wild birds — natural anomalies.

— Remember what this year has been fairly warm winter and early spring? — Asks the veterinarian. — Like many animals, birds breed in favorable conditions: when it gets warm and there is a lot of food. This year, the process of mating birds began much earlier than normal, respectively, and the chicks hatched from eggs before. And when spring suddenly hit a cold, many died young not strong.

Having lost offspring, parent birds resumed procreation. But the second litter offspring faced a lot of problems: spring showers, hail, squally wind. If the birds were born in the period prescribed by nature, they could stand up to these weather. A "new" zheltoklyuvikam cope with the elements is more complicated: the birds are incompatible with life wounds, bruises, broken bones.

Climate change calls Karen Dallakyan main reason that yuzhnouraltsev often seen on the streets of the dead bird. And we think that is adult, but in fact mostly killed more fledgling chicks.

As noted by ornithologists, birds in large cities has been living is not easy, not only because of the changeable weather. In terms of urbanization, they are beginning to change their habits, nightingales, for example, often singing at night when less noise. Only far from roads or at night the female can appreciate talent groom. Interesting and "modern" materials for construction of slots: scraps of fabrics, tram tickets, strip cellophane wrapper from ice cream and candy, glass, and even pieces of wire.

Birds are less likely to nest in hollow trees, preferring telephone booths, roofs covered markets, restaurants verandas, balconies and even mailboxes. And talk about food preferences and does not have to — the birds happy varnish salty fries and hamburgers remains …

Natalia Mescherikova
Source: Mediazavod

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