In the Spanish town of three months was about one and a half thousand earthquakes

February 7, 2013. Residents of the small town Torreperohil province of Jaen (Andalusia) survived Tuesday night about a hundred earthquakes. At 22:00 it was reported earthquake with the largest magnitude — 3.7 on the Richter scale. According to sources in the city government, in night from Tuesday to Wednesday fifty local residents decided to hold night in their cars, fearing that a natural disaster could happen again, and the house will be downright dangerous.

Director of the National Seismic Network of Institute of Geography of Spain Emilio Carreno told the news portal, except that residents Torreperohilya, tremors felt also in Sabiote, Ruse and Ubeda, and seismic activity in the area began Oct. 20, 2012. Since then, and until yesterday, there were a total of fifteen hundred earthquakes, says Mr. Carreno.

Emilio Carreno explains that in the Iberian Peninsula during the year there are several series of earthquakes, each of which consists of about a hundred aftershocks, but the difference between these cases and what happened in Jaen, is that "there were a lot of small magnitude aftershocks However, due to the fact that the epicenter was very deep in the earth, the locals are so good they were able to feel. "

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