In the Stavropol region in the reservoir killed 20 tons of fish


Posted on 09/28/2012 by user ATVMediaHolding

We return to the subject of mass death of fish in the reservoir Chograyskom. Let me remind you, on the shore of the reservoir according to the experts, it was about 20 tons of dead carp. With versions of why there was such a large-scale fish kills —
Olga Levchenkova.
25/09/2012 Chograyskogo on the bank of the reservoir, which is located 38 km north-east from. Arzgir, all over the coastline in Arzgirskogo district, Stavropol Territory and Iki-district of the Republic of Kalmykia Burulsky found the lost fish "Karas" a total weight of about 20 tons. Selected samples of the material for the study. The reasons for the mass death of fish set.

Arzgirskogo district prosecutor's office into the matter of review.

In addition to the Russian Interior Ministry department for Arzgirskomu area being tested in the manner provided for in Art. 144-145 of the Code, the results of which are controlled by the prosecutor's office area.

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