In the Sverdlovsk region, there is a man magnet. Video


4.02.12.V Sverdlovsk region, there is a man magnet. This gift ordinary photographer Alexander Nagovitsyn discovered his suddenly and recently. Spoons, forks, and any other metal objects now just stick to it. From these miracles not happy only home — his wife and did terrified.

Correspondent of Channel Alexander Pugachev find out — where did this fascination?

Photographer of Kamensk-Ural Alexander Nagovitsyn discovered his ability in this Christmas. Accidental cooking incident gave him the idea, he — an electromagnet. Now the man surprised friends and family — keeps the chest spoons — big and small. Sometimes up to six at once. No one can explain why, but the cutlery is really attracted to his chest, and even the back.

Alexander Nogovitsyn, man-magnet, "Miracles, then all sorts of nature there, I have had the same father, how, and then he told me that in his youth also tried once, did not attach any importance to this, he did not have was — quit. "

Alexander started to learn this wonderful and strange phenomenon and discovered that after a hard day spoon stick better and last longer, and cell phone, if it is put into a pocket discharged several times faster.

Alain Nogovitsyn, wife of Alexander Nogovitsyn: "I'm scared, when I start to clean up those spoons and I feel there is a magnet when they really stick to it, this is the feeling of fear, it is not leaving. It's strange, it's a little frightening me. "

Even after seeing it for themselves, even on a computer screen, scientists have special abilities metalloprityagivayuschie Nogovitsyn believe in no hurry. And insist — a person can not be a magnet, but if it is not sewn up inside the magnetic plate.

Young graduate student Alexander Gorkovenko held the same opinion, until he met with another man-magnet — Igor Svalova from Revda. Its magnetic field could be measured by a special device — it exceeded normal levels.

Alexander Gorkovenko, graduate student of magnetism and magnetic materials, "The numbers were five times more. He attaches himself something, measure several times more after the disconnect, is 10-15 seconds and drops to normal levels. "

How to use the unusual ability Alexander has not come up. But says that after these sessions on a magnetic soul — quiet and all the unpleasant experiences as a hand shoots.

Source: Channel 5 St. Petersburg

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