In the U.S., a woman gave birth to six babies




Three boys and three girls were born within 60 seconds, according to Akron Beacon Journal.

Jennifer Hanselmen became the first woman in Ohio, who gave birth to six at once. According to the doctors, all babies are healthy, no complications have been recorded. Their weight — from 700 g to 1.3 kg. No complications doctors did not ascertain.

Dr. Justin Lavin, who delivered a baby, said: "Babies appear one after the other. For us all it was an amazing event."

By preparing for the birth of six babies all the staff Akron General Medical Center in Ohio. About 30 employees were ready to provide immediate assistance — Perinatology, anesthetists, midwives, gynecologists, internists, and 14 nurses — two for each of the mothers and babies.

The first was born Isabella Jean, whose weight was 1.3 kg. Then came the Ivy Sofia (0.7 kg). This was followed: Caillou Allen (1.1 kg), James Logan (1.2 kg), Alex Edwin (1.2 kg), and finally Lewsey Arlene (1 kg).

Their father, Keith Hanselmen said that it was "simply stunning. They jumped like microwave popcorn!"

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