In the Urals — the invasion of UFOs




Unknown Object over industrial Kachkanar.

The other day, a resident of the Sverdlovsk region Kachkanar Olga Gudimenko saw in the air a strange glowing object.

— It was a large hexagon with a shimmering green rim and a red spiral inside, — a frightened woman.

According to her, hexagon appeared at 21.00, a couple of hours swam close to the ground, then soared upward and disappeared behind the nearest forest.

The unique coincidence: just a couple of weeks ago Mukhametov Fedor, who lives nearby, saw the exact same object in 21.07. And even managed to photograph (see picture).

— UFO was very high — says Fedor — I had to shoot at the maximum zoom, and then the shots came out very blurry.

After the witnesses attacked the editor of the local newspaper calls with stories about UFOs, the townspeople began to remember that the "small plates" to him and had often flew. For example, a local resident Anatoly Kuznetsov, a neighbor saw a hexagon as much as two years ago, however, at the other end of town, "aliens" are circled over the local pond and flew away.

Fans, ufologists are trying to trace a pattern of raids on UFO Kachkanar. But skeptics believe that these mysterious objects — normal planes.

Oksana PONOMAREVA. ("KP" — Ekaterinburg "). February 18, 2004

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