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"Voronezh Courier", 01.04.2003, Voronezh, n39, p.3

Author: E. Andreeva

_ * Flying Saucers, footprints on grain fields attract attention as evidence of aliens visiting Earth. But enraged stools, beds samodvigayuschiesya soaring as in weightlessness, furniture, dishes, boots — it is usually referred to devilry and other unexplained phenomena. What is really happening in the Voronezh region Vladimirovka? * _

There all events began and lasted around a fifth-grader Ilya's ear. At the beginning of February, he began to tell tales: a window and someone knocked on the door … Opened — no one. Went to bed — it kind of power out of bed threw. Furniture and things began to move around the house and even fly. Okay, the kid seemed, and his father George (who in agriculture cattleman running) confirmed that all of this with his own eyes.

Ilyushkina grandmother Daria I. decided in the house of his grandson spend artless folk preventive operation. She took an icon of St. Nicholas, and entered the hut and began to read the prayer. I read not long. First utensils moved, broken glass sideboard rang — Daria Ivanovna has not herself with fear. And when the icon of the hands, as if alive, escaped and flew out the window, the woman Dasha does not remember how she ran out the door …

Another Ilyushkina grandmother, Zinaida, has decided to approach the problem more thoroughly incomprehensible. She took the consecrated water, which took care of in the event that lit the candle and started the procedure of expulsion from the house of evil. But that did not happen. A bottle of holy water suddenly crashed against the wall, and candles were extinguished.

In general, rebelled hut. And Ilya away from sin went to the neighbors to Dubinin. And it turned out that it was not in the house: with his arrival at the Dubinin were going on the same bad things. When the needles out of the box and flew like an arrow stuck into the wall right at the head of Alexander Dubinin, he mused long. He waved his glass of vodka for the strength of spirit, rolled up his sleeves, raskoryachishsya legs for stability and caused an unknown brawler to a fair fight. In the yard, and even further, beyond the fence, was his battle cry is heard. "Well, afraid … infection? Come … vile coward, one … one! Let's see … who wins!"

— Do not go out, you bastard, is afraid! — Said the head of the village administration, Alexander Victor Baev, who came to deal with what is happening with the doctor at the local hospital Larissa Kuzhakovoy. With Dubinin it "strange" has decided not to get involved, but the new guests met with surly. They flew in a pan, and then, when they are walking backwards, moving toward the door, a small stool stood silently as the UFO wood, and hit the doctor's legs. "It is painful hit!" — Shared their feelings Kuzhakova.

Baev, a representative of the government, said the strange outrages in the district center, in the administration of the civil defense and emergencies. There he was told that it was not on their side. But if, for example, an unexploded bomb since World discovered, he shall immediately call. Later, however, sent a rescuer, he sat down on a stool, "fairy tale" to listen to, and she took it to the floor and took off.

The district Dmitry Zubarev also have to deal with the ugliness. I thought that simple. Ilya mother in the hospital, his father George regularly supports the vital functions of the body strong drinks, which are caught by the arm. Little did that in such a dysfunctional family of its members may seem! But there was in the house at once have experienced unexpected. First, it flew buttons, not thrown a handful, and the bullets — one after the other. And when lifted off the floor and old boots shied away his shoulder, just below the shoulder strap, he even grabbed his holster, saying, I will pamper. And just realized that I need to report to their superiors.

Reported. Humor on the heavy police service is not the last weapon. Zubarev listened carefully and then after a short order: urgent sober.

But the eye-popping reports of devilry that occur during a twelve-year-Vladimirovka Ilya and all who were with him, and continued to come to the district center, and Voronezh. Came two commissions: medical and police. The boy explained that for a few seconds before the next flight of an object, he finds out about this, but do not have time to tell. In itself no pots, no boots, no buttons do not fall — only the bed resets when lying down. He pleaded, "brownie", and called him a "good", and he ceased to indulge. Still, Ilya has three days did not sleep.

In the House Liskinskom District Hospital, where he was sent for examination, journalists provincial television set at night television camera. Then, in a report on the anomalous phenomenon in Vladimirovka showed captured on film: a boy from time to time bouncing on the bed … A little later, he was already in Voronezh, in the hospital one of the hospitals, and no information about it is not leaking, moreover, that he was alive and normally feels.

So what happened and what is happening? If we do not take into account the opinion of Vladimir grandmothers, on the eve of strange occurrences Ilya ate an enchanted apple, that the scientists are far from belief in hell are there some explanation.

One of the Sub-department of Theoretical Physics, Voronezh State University believes that there is no "magic" No, our science is just not mature enough to understand such phenomena. But the well-known researchers of anomalous phenomena geophysicist Henry Silanov believes that most of the science just does not do. He himself for the last 18 years by scientific expeditions in the area Khopersky crustal faults, explores the electromagnetic radiation of the planet, and associated anomalies. The results of his work and are interested in many of our foreign institutions, but funding for this "fiction" as there was no and no.

Silanes is convinced that the so-called poltergeists, Barabashka — variations actions charged energy fields that are beginning to interact with the nervous energy of an excited man. Silanes have repeatedly redeemed apartments where suddenly flashed raw mats and pans were flying through the air. Devices showed very high statistical power, he was shooting with his equipment. "The boy should calm down — in his family had plenty of stress," — he said. And the energy that brawled, and the feeling that meaningful — it's probably also is that the unknown is not yet understood by us. By the way, break the crust, which is studying the silane goes under Volodymyrivka …
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