In Togliatti fly drunk blackbirds


11.12.12.Zatyanuvsheesya season — warm for December, the temperature and the lack of snow — a negative impact on plants and animals. Due to abnormal weather birds eat the berries and drunken behave inappropriately.

Chief agronomist of the agriculture department m Stavropol Alexander Tyurin, explaining what is happening, compared with a blanket of snow, "There is a difference when you are sleeping under a blanket and without it?" Winter According to Turin, while not significantly affected, the critical temperature without snow, where they can begin the mass casualties — minus 15-17 degrees. But the fruit bushes such as currants, deceived weather gave swollen buds, vainly wasting their nutrients that will surely weaken the plant. To prevent the serious consequences of weather anomalies farmers recommendations to help the flora survive the crisis. Among them — the treatment plant tank mixtures, hydrated lime, cleaning hardwood precipitation contributing to disease.

— Animals, which flow in the winter in hibernation, such as badgers, hedgehogs, had to retire for a long time, but, confused abnormal temperature, they continue to stay awake, spending the resources of the body — says the Deputy Director of the Institute of Ecology Sergei Saxony. — Of course, they will suffer less winter. Hares, who replaced the fur in the absence of snow, were within reach for a fox.

Migratory birds are guided by the decrease of the day, so they flew away for the winter time. But the ones that are left, for example thrushes, eat lightly fermented berries, and may behave inappropriately. However, the health of the population, or blackbirds drunken berries have no impact. According to Saksonova occurring anomalies suggests an overall climate warming.

Eugene Khalilov

Togliatti, Liberty Square

What is often a bit too plump blackbirds began, and sleeps for long. Related cases have been reported in Kazakhstan and in the Leningrad region, in Estonia and Bashkortostan, and Yekaterinburg . More details about the mass death of animals and birds, see the section Animals

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