In Transcarpathia case of rabies in a cow


21.01.11.Zhitelnitsa village Vydrichka Rakhiv district said in his cow intense salivation, there was photophobia. Vets, do your best, the animal could not be saved. January 17 cows died.

Studies conducted in the regional veterinary laboratory showed that the cause of death is infuriating.

As Deputy Chief of Veterinary Medicine in the Transcarpathian region Yuri Sadvari, animal died from the usual, and not mad-cow disease (which has done so much noise in the world in the early 2000s). Until October last year, a cow grazed on the meadows, probably there she became infected through contact with foxes, which are the most common carriers of the rabies virus. The incubation period of the disease can last for up to six years.

Since the rabies virus from animals and humans can be infected (eg, airborne), in the village quarantined. Cow corpse burned, and the remains are filled with sanitizing solution and buried in the cattle cemetery.

Now workers Veterinary promptly vaccinated against rabies all livestock and other domestic animals of the village — cows, sheep, pigs, dogs, cats … and representatives of the sanitary-epidemiological services conduct rabies vaccination of people who can talk to sick animals.

In an emergency meeting held Rahov Antiepizootic Commission under state administration, which decided that the quarantine restrictions in the village Vydrichka (ban on the export of livestock, the Food and daily door-examination of animals, etc.) will continue for 21 days.

Jaroslav Galas


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