In Turkey, the raging wind storm

In Turkey, the raging wind storm Natural Disasters

Almost all of Turkey in the grip of a devastating wind storm. In Istanbul, the air flow rate reached 90 km / h The city violated the movement of vehicles. Due to bad weather canceled or delayed a large number of passenger voyages. The company Turkish Airlines has canceled 42 domestic and international flights, as in one of the airports was recorded wind speed of 105 km / h

While reporting only three seriously injured. They are residents of Istanbul, where the roof fell, shifted by the wind. A total of about 350 city tore roofs and broken a hundred trees, dozens of billboards. Steadily growing number of people suffered minor injuries and wounds of fallen trees and power lines. At the moment there are about 30.

In the Bosphorus Strait gale caused a fire erupted in one of the seafaring yachts. To the aid of the passengers are on the yacht of the business elite has come a fishing boat. No one is hurt.

Passengers try to escape from the burning boat. Bosphorus, Turkey.

From the wind storm hit the sets for the next James Bond film, built near the harbor in the oldest part of Istanbul Eminönü. Strong wind storm also affected parts of the province of Mugla to Marmaris and Bodrum, Konya, Eskisehir, Izmir and Karaman. In Dinard, central Anatolia, canceled classes in schools.

Presumably, the wind, which in Turkey is called "lodos" utihnel only to the middle of the next day.

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