In Ufa and Kazan buds swell on trees


In Ufa trees can bloom

8.11.12.Tsvetuschaya lilac among residents of the region associated with May. What a contrast it swollen buds in early November? For comments, we asked the doctor of agricultural sciences, Professor, Department of Forestry and Landscape Design Agricultural University Camille Gabdrahimovu.


— Over the past years, such anomalies have become a certain pattern — he says. — So, in September of this year in the garden BSAU apple blossom. For plants, the "second spring" is pernicious. They have accumulated life force until the next cycle, and causes sudden warming spend them, which leads to a weakening of the trees and shrubs. If sharply colder, they can just die, but even with a gradual transition to a low-temperature plants still faint. Loss of energy growth, and in the spring will have less color, fruit and leaves.
Picture taken in the village of Ordzhonikidze district Votikeevo November 7.
Svetlana Jani. Photos Rita ISHNIYAZOVOY

Kazan forecasters: November because of the warm autumn trees mixed with spring

8.11.12.V this year, according to meteorologists Kazan, came unusually warm autumn. The trees along the street the other day Butlerov blossomed buds.  

Because of the warm autumn in the city even flowered lilac

— In the yard in November, and the temperature at 10 degrees above normal! — Commented the head of the Department of Meteorology portal CFI Yuri Perevedentsev. — Now outside temperature +10, and the rate of -2. In this case, a lot of rainfall. This is a big anomaly. All conditions to open buds. Mixed with autumn trees in the spring.

Agrees with him famous TV weather Constantine Kuranov:
— These days it is often the case. Yesterday, the Ministry of Agriculture complained that much up winter crops. They say that somewhere in general lilac blooms! I feel that heat was delayed, and we can not wait for the frost!
The fact that the trees are blossoming buds, no danger, environmentalists say the city.
 — In some places, the grass is green and now appeared — said department head prirodoustroystva and water, Sc.D. CFI Nafisa Mingazova. — Today I saw a young nettles. This can happen for a long time if kept zero temperature. If the phenomenon of so-called biological spring is not massive and does not follow it cold snap, then it's okay.
By the way
— In late autumn buds of some trees really swell — as they prepare for winter. But leaves no one will dissolve. There is nothing unusual in this. If they dissolve, then here would then be an anomaly, — said Olga portal Yumaev, zavsektsiey open ground Kazan zoological and botanic gardens.

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