In Vietnam, hail damaged 12,000 buildings

March 30, 2013. The province Lao Cai, located in the north of Vietnam, this week launched a very strong storm with wind and hail lasting. Although in itself a hail for this season in Vietnam is not uncommon, this year due to the unprecedented size it caused serious damage.

Some hailstones reach 8-10 cm in diameter, making them easy to break through the roofs of houses in rural areas. According to rough estimates, the total for the province were damaged nearly 12,000 homes. Property damage exceeded $ 3.5 million.

Not without a hit — with head injuries were admitted at least 30 people, mostly in the area of Muong Huong. Local authorities have identified the victims immediate financial assistance in the amount of $ 25 per person.

Additional losses are residents in the affected areas have suffered from the fact that hail broke crops and tree seedlings. In this case, the Vietnamese meteorologists provide forecasts are disappointing: the country of approaching new storm, which is also likely to bring hail. In this regard, in areas in the path of the storm front, announced a warning about dangerous weather conditions.

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Hail caused serious damage to one of the provinces of Vietnam

March 29, 2013. Hail caused a storm in the northern Vietnamese province of Lao Cai, damaged roofs over 10,000 homes and caused injuries about 26 people from the area of Muong Huong. All of them were hospitalized with head injuries. Such extensive damage are not surprising, since the elements raged about 20 minutes, and the hailstones were large enough. Some specimens have a diameter of 8-10 cm

In addition to homes in Lao Cai, whose residents temporarily left homeless, injured seedlings of trees and crops of various crops. In the three districts of the neighboring province of Ha Gian hail struck the roof in 80 houses. And two days earlier, hailstorms observed in the mountainous regions and provinces of Quang Nam Thyathen-Hue.

If you believe the forecasts of the Central Hydrometeorological Center of Vietnam, in the near future, the country will come a new storm during which hail is also possible, the size of a superior one that fell today. Therefore, in these areas, announced a warning of the danger. For the province Lao Cai degrees in this time the year is not an anomaly, however, in this March, it is much harder and more dangerous than in the past.

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