In Vitebsk, a girl fell asphalt. Video

Karst holes

14.05.12.V center of Vitebsk girl fell through the zemlyu.S injured we had to communicate through the hospital window. Details of the unpleasant incident hospital administration preferred to keep confidentiality.

In a public place in the center of the participants were preparing to distribute charity homeless animals. Cells move away from the dogs, they were asked builders. Elena and did not notice that it fell under the asphalt. Together with the two puppies she fell into a three-meter pit.

Elena Volodkevich, the victim:

Well I have a right shock, but I did not lose consciousness and all remember well. I'm in a hole, the cell with me. I pulled the guys immediately called an ambulance. Lucky that I alone had fallen there, because there was a crowd. And before I fell, people were walking.

Woman hospitalized with complicated fractures with displacement. She successfully underwent surgery. Now for the rehabilitation will take six months. Sink into the earth in its place could any passerby. According to witnesses, the builders have put fences after the accident.

Pit at the site covered with sand, and the danger zone shielded turnstiles. That the asphalt is clearly subsided markedly with the naked eye. This one is being built over an underground passage.

Valery Kazakov, Chief Engineer of "Zhilstroy":

Unfortunately, it turned out that the girl was in the work area. In general, work was carried out in accordance with the project estimates, constantly putting fences. Before May 9 there was an unpleasant situation — soil poured in transition. Fences work site, all fenced. And after May 9 resumed subcontractor work. I can not say for sure, it was guard, was not at the time.

Almost a year ago, the asphalt just collapsed on the opposite side of the road. After heavy rain destroyed the old sewer and showered the ground. Then there were no casualties.

The offender in this case will be punished. Now, specialists will determine who will be responsible for the incident. Meanwhile, the townspeople try to bypass this place party.

Source: STV

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