India: Nine people were killed by a massive hail

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January 31, 2013. Hail c size of pebbles hit the village in the south of India.

At least nine people were killed when a disaster strikes covered several villages in Andhra Pradesh (GoogleMap).

Hail, which lasted nearly 20 minutes, destroyed crops, homes and livestock, creating a devastating financial impact on residents.

People living in some villages, nothing like this had never seen before. Hail began to fall from the sky on Tuesday night, and covered entire villages icy blanket. Some women have tried brooms to sweep the ice blocks for easy disposal.

Dr. K. Sitaram (K. Sitarama), director of the meteorological center in Hyderabad, said: "Hail was caused by an intense thunderstorm. Such situations are highly localized and confined to a small area. Storms in the south as a hail of deadly attacks have been extremely rare, and perhaps the largest in the world hailstones fall on the Deccan Plateau of northern India and Bangladesh. "

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Based on: Daily Mail
Source: News plus comment

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