Indian Army will get «Iron Soldiers»

Indian Army will get
Indian defense research organization and development DRDO is developing the «soldier-robots» as part of wider programs from creation unmanned combat abilities, joining a select group of states, which is working in this area, reports India Today June 9.
According to the draft combat boots will be developed with very highest levels of the mind, so that they could distinguish between danger and each other. They can be deployed in a complex combat zones on the so-called control strip (Line of Control — LoC) to prevent loss of human lives.
«We will create a mechanized soldier with the highest level of mind than what we are talking about now. This brand new program that has a number of laboratories have gained success in robotics, «said the new head of DRDO, Avinash Chander (Avinash Chander).
DRDO chief referred to the creation of projects robot soldiers as «one of the priority areas,» noting that «unmanned systems will be the main means in future wars.» Initially, the robot soldiers will assist the person on the battlefield.
At the initial step, the robot soldier should be able to warn people about the approaching soldiers of the enemy, in a subsequent step, it will operate at the forefront along with the personnel departments and help him.

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