Indian military launched the «blame» for the Arjun tank T-90ms

Indian military launched the

Military government of India takes constructive steps to prevent the victory of the main battle tank Arjun state development of Russian T-90 in comparative trials. It is reported by Business Standard, citing sources in the leadership of the Indian military. Such an act is performed to ensure the signing of the contract for the purchase of 354 new T-90ms worth about 100 billion rupees (1.8 billion dollars).
According to the newspaper, puzzle fail tests Arjun put before the military control of the Office of Military Operations (MO). According to the instructions of management, military management should not be allowed to Arjun on any characteristics eclipsed Russian tanks, of which wants to form a 6 MO tank regiments and arrange them on the border with China. In command of the Army say no instructions from MO received.

With all of this control by the Indian army tank dissatisfied by some indicators of the state of development. Namely, it is alleged that the 60-tonne Arjun even heavier Russian tanks (combat weight of about 47 tons). This in defense of the research and development (DRDO) of India said that despite the fact that the mass of Arjun is large, its ground pressure less than that of the T-90. This provides a wider tracks.

In 2010, the Ministry of Defence of India conducted comparative tests of Arjun and T-90, the results of which was planned to evaluate the suitability of the Indian car development to the adoption. Official results of these tests were not made public, but the Indian media in March 2010 reported, citing sources, that a number of characteristics Arjun eclipsed Russian T-90.
Adoption Arjun adopted in March 2011, but about significant purchases of the tank out of the question. In total, the armed forces of India received 124 tank Arjun, and in July last year bought another 124 such machines. In addition, the order was located at 124 improved version of the tank — Mark II. Meanwhile, since 1999, India has bought from the general difficulties of in 1657 T-90 tanks, 700 of which have already been delivered to the customer.

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