Insect killer attack


6.06.11.Roy mad killer bees, who took out of nowhere, a few hours paralyzed life in the prestigious suburb of Eros is the capital of Namibia, forcing locals tightly "corked" in their expensive mansions. The black cloud of buzzing immense size raced through the streets at the foot of the hills surrounding Windhoek, plastered and stinging all living things — people, animals, and birds.

Drivers of cars and released on the ill-fated hour on an evening stroll citizens, suddenly faced with the flying "aggressors", fled stampede and fast driving.

Reports from Windhoek reports, among the people there were deaths and injuries: a man and two children were rushed to a nearby hospital for Mediklinik antiallergic treatment.

Animals less fortunate on the streets suburb was found at least thirty corpses of dogs and cats killed in a surprise attack from the air.

Reports of the attack of so-called African killer bees sometimes resemble military reports, "At 9:15 am the Mexican village of Santa Ana in the Yucatan has undergone a massive attack of countless swarms of wild bees. The population was quickly evacuated. Authorities appealed to the experts. Only to 16 hours with the help of water jets, smoke, fires and pesticide spraying aggressive insects could dispel. Of the population is affected. "

South and Central America, these messages come in constantly. Thus, in February 2011 in San Salvador during a soccer match between local teams of Vista Hermosa and Alianza FC huge swarm of wild bees descended on the stadium.

Insects swarmed players, spectators, coaches and bench with spare, gates and even cameras. Stadium employees tried to disperse the bees towels, but the insects of a more angry. Athletes and spectators had to hurry to leave the stadium.

Most bees attracted referee — it is possible that because of his bright yellow shirt. Insects swarmed him from head to toe, taking perhaps a flower or his great brother.

Somewhat earlier the killer bees attacked near the Mexican town of Chapachula in Chiapas on the police who were at the shooting range. As a result, at least 70 cops need medical attention.

Their aggressive indescribable

During the years of undeclared war victims African killer bees are more than 1,000 people and animals died much more. Not only do they kill the relatives of apiaries and, crossing them generate their own kind, increasing the already considerable "host."

Medicine has powerless to deal effectively with the poison, produced by aliens from the Dark Continent. They are usually in a matter of seconds hundreds attack man, turning his body into a continuous "sieve" bites.

Invasion of wild African bees began in South America in 1956, when they were accidentally released from a laboratory in Brazil. It was so. Geneticist Warwick Carr was trying to bring new types of bees that differ more resistant to disease and greater productivity. Mating were viable African bees and local species with high productivity. Carr has taken all precautionary measures to prevent the uncontrolled dispersal of "new" insects. Still, several mutants break free.

Then a chain reaction: not meeting the natural enemies, modified bees began to multiply and attack people …! At the same cost of one distinguish poison as the smell led to frenzy whole swarm.

Ordinary bees chase the enemy up to three minutes, as African hybrids — over an hour! Even if a person manages to escape into the water, the persecutors "hang" over the place waiting for his victim. Their aggression was indescribable.
… If 30-year-old tourist from Germany had a mobile phone, you'll probably be listed as now, the continuously expanding list of people who died from the bite of killer bees. Swarm of insects suddenly attacked a rest in one of the Mexican national parks and was everywhere to pursue.

Fortunately, hundreds of buzzing creatures attacked a German managed to get out a cell phone and report the attack to the police. To the aid of the victim was sent a helicopter with doctors on board.

Podletevshy to the site of the Battle pilot hovered over the tourist and powerful air currents dispersed the raging insects. "Bitten has an enviable immunity — from his body was recovered about 400 stings, — said one of the doctors later. — If the helicopter arrived a minute later, the bees would zakusali him to death. "

At first, scientists in the United States believed that the hybrid bees are afraid of the cold, and their area is limited to tropical and subtropical areas. But when news of their penetration into the mountains of Argentina, where the climate is rather cool, in the United States raised the alarm.


"" Fugitive killer "head for California." With such formidable titles, American newspapers are published for several years. "Unusually aggressive bees gather in huge swarms and progress through all of Mexico toward the U.S. coast California peninsula. According to experts, they may soon reach Los Angeles "- echo newspapers and television announcers lead more and more cases of attacks on mutants of the U.S. population.

One of the latest attacks occurred in San Diego County, Southern California, when 55-year-old man who worked in the garden, died of cardiac arrest, which came after an attack on a swarm of bees. Forensic results showed that the victim received more than 500 stings.

According to the chief of the local fire department, the man ran about 180 meters, hoping to escape the bees in the house. By the time he was discovered fire, he had no signs of life. He tried to administer first aid, but was pronounced dead.

In 1990, killer bees first discovered in Texas, but it was a relatively small number of mutated insects. Yet his blood trail they left — from their bites in the U.S. then died about ten people. And now a new invasion of African bees mutants.

Prepare for it, American beekeepers and health services are faced with a difficult problem: how to distinguish the "killers" from ordinary honey plants. Came to help nuclear engineers from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Knoxville, where he designed a portable device that recognizes their bees buzzing. It turns out that African bees flap their wings more intense normal, so the flight they make other sounds. Similar acoustic instruments are used in the nuclear industry to determine the reliability of the reactors, and perhaps they will really help in the search for killer bees.

Simultaneously to this problem in the U.S. attracted specialists of electronics that offer "radios" some killer bees to have information on the migration routes of insects and their places of settlement. In the laboratory of electronic equipment in Tennessee was created emitter signals, which, together with solar battery weighs 0,035 grams and can be freely positioned on the back of the bee. Assumed that the "radios" insect released to freedom, will quickly find their relatives. Then this place via radio direction will be exactly defined and processed chemicals. The case for small — to invent an effective poison that destroys killer bees, because the usual chemicals they are immune …

FRANCE occupied ASIAN hornets

Africa to Europe mutants have not reached. Beat them … hundreds of thousands of Asian hornets! As a result, the French were endangered honey bees, hornets, which kill thousands.

"Bees-tigers" (as the largest hornet in the world with a wingspan of more than 7.5 centimeters, is called in Taiwan) have given many children and now very freely feel the most visited tourist areas of France. Experts believe that they came into the country in 2004 on one of the cargo ships with Chinese ceramics on board.

"Insects multiply very fast and every year colonize new territories," — says Quantum of rum, a member of the Paris Natural History Museum.

Asian hornets are different from European, not only for its size, but also in that it creates a much larger colonies, their nests, the number of which in France has reached 1100, are about a meter in height. In this regard, and the threat of an attack of insects per person multiplied. Today from hornet stings, which in some cases lead to death, injured hundreds of people.

Entomologists in this connection note that the feed-hornet "foreigners" of the diverse food. In place of the evil insects feasting, scientists discovered the remains not only aphids, spiders, caterpillars and bees, but also rats, geckos and even a pheasant!

French experts believe that in case of emergency and hunger Chinese hornets can attack creatures and bigger.

Thierry Denis, a member of the French National Institute of Agriculture, said that shortly hornets inhabit half of the country, as well as be able to cross the English Channel and begin to spread in England.



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