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"Red North", 15.01.2004, Vologda, n7

_ * In the area of the village Dal'negorsk Primorye crashed object of unknown origin * _

Rounding out the ordinary, unremarkable day — Jan. 29, 1986. None of the residents of a small village did not know that in a few minutes the name of their village will be known not only geologists and miners, but the fate of some would make a sharp turn …

"The Soviet Air Force and KGB have at their disposal five fragments crashed UFO — wrote in his book in 1991, Marina Popovich, PhD, Air Force Colonel, an experienced test pilot and member of the All-Union Committee on anomalous aerial phenomena of the Academy of Sciences. — They analyzed the data and came to the conclusion that he really could not be produced on Earth, with the use of the Earth's technology. "

Marina Popovich called the following places disasters: Tunguska (Krasnoyarsk Territory), Novosibirsk, Tallinn (Estonia), Ordzhonikidze (North Ossetia) and Dal'negorsk (Primorsky Territory) …

…January 29, 1986, about 20 hours, dozens of residents of the central area of the village and passengers are at the bus station, watched the flight of a strange glowing reddish color of the body. An object with a crash crashed into a hill in the city opposite the bus station and silently exploded. At the crash started a large fire, which lasted about an hour. According to the testimony ochevitsev, the ball was flying at a speed of about 15 m / s and before the blast him a few times jerked up and down …

Among high school students were watching the fall of the local school. The next day the father of one of them, Gennady M. Alder, as well as a few other guys organized the outing to the scene. They saw the charred stump, shallow hollow, cut fragments of branches. No major parts could not be found.

Not to come back empty-handed, they came meticulously assembled at the crash site of melted droplets of a substance that has a metal ebb, stones, pieces of rotted stump. All of this was transferred V.V.Dvuzhilnomu, biology teacher. By the form of the body resembled the remains of fallen soft metal: the silvery sheen, and the remaining after the tweezers scratches. Applying several different acids, but any appreciable reaction was observed on them.

Five days after the disaster, February 3, the expedition arrived Dal'negorsk Far Eastern Branch of the Research Committee on anomalous aerial phenomena of the Academy of Sciences.

Scientists have found a lot of debris, including lead and iron balls, pieces of unusual alloy steel and glass, traces the impact of high temperatures, magnetic anomalies, damage to nearby trees. Copies of the iron balls have a very high degree of hardness, they can not be cut with steel tools, only a diamond. These beads have a very complex structure, comprising almost all elements of the periodic table, such as iron, manganese, nickel, molybdenum, silicon dioxide, cobalt, chromium.

The most mysterious discovery was fine "grid", examples of which are made of an inert metal filaments, which is a very complex fusion. On the air "mesh" disappeared without a trace at 900 degrees in a vacuum is not even melted at 2800 degrees. Studies have found materials continue in research laboratories so far …

November 28, 1987, almost two years after the disaster in Dalnegorsk, there was an unusually high activity of unidentified flying objects. Only one day in five administrative districts of Primorye 33 sites have been registered. They had a variety of forms — cigar-shaped, cylindrical, spherical — and moved absolutely silently. Forgery is not possible in this situation, the mass invasion of UFO witnesses were more than 100 people — workers, intellectuals, police officers, military.

Flight of objects accompanied by powerful two-minute interference and failures in the TV, telegraph lines and other equipment. "Wedge" computers: Store the information they are hopelessly spoiled.

13 of 33 UFO flew directly over Dal'negorsk. Surprisingly, it was interested in the objects of the crash — they hang over the hills and covered her with powerful searchlights. And in January 1989, the local ufologists and casual observers recorded UFO landing just 200 meters from the crash site. Actions mysterious objects suggests that they spent searching for the crashed machine …

Falling object in Dalnegorsk is the only significant event in Russian UFO crash. Even with today's technology can not reproduce the structure and properties of the obtained materials found in Dalnegorsk.
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