Is the repair complete? You can train!

News koneshno small. But when you consider that in Vorkuta for more than 15 years, nothing was built, the news for the residents of polar Vorkuta is very encouraging.

In Vorkuta, completed renovated bath swimming pool at the Palace of Children and Youth. There have changed the "Soviet tile", served for more than 45 years on the professional tile strength.

The first in the new competitive conditions bath pools tested participants' ZAPOLYARNY games ", which took place in Vorkuta from October 30 to November 5.


According to the head of the pool Tatiana Korovina, the need to change the tiles appeared long ago. In recent years, she broke away to bottom of the pool each year had to be patched.

Renovating the bath professionals from Barnaul firm that won the bid. According to Irina Korovina, the total budget repair nearly two million rubles.

— Bath Basin is not repaired 45 years, that is, almost from the opening day. There lay another old Soviet jets, which was replaced by a modern, professional. August 8 experts began work, had to finish it by the end of September, but for obvious reasons did not have time. The facility will be commissioned on October 21 — said Tatiana Korovin.

During repair, the best swimmers of Vorkuta were at the training camp — first in Kabardinka Krasnodar region, then in Syktyvkar. The rest of the swimmers in the pool doing school number 12 and KSK "cement workers."

Recall that in Vorkuta, known for its winning tradition in swimming, an acute problem of creating a comfortable environment for swimmers. KSK "cementnik" for a long time is in poor condition, he periodically have problems with the roof.

The building of the pool "Dolphin" was damaged during renovations in 2008, after which there are no longer training swimmers. Later, on the fact of embezzlement of funds allocated for the repair of buildings, was a criminal case.

Now, however, in Vorkuta in the street Dimitrov began construction of a new sports complex with two swimming pools — 25 meter and "paddling". The building will be located universal gym size, the capacity of which will be 67 people per shift, and the stands will be able to accommodate 161 audience. Completion date sports complex — December 25, 2012.

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