Island leapfrog II: Vietnam, China, our motherland and America

Island leapfrog II: Vietnam, China, Russia and AmericaOn the eve of the APEC summit first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov said, that Our homeland which is both political and economic dialogue with the APEC countries, including Vietnam, "We are at the moment more and more seriously and get to interact with Vietnam. We have a very tight fit of the case, and we are close to, to begin to seriously pursue an agreement on free trade with Vietnam. "

First successful prosecution of Russian Minister of Vietnam is characterized by yearly strengthening ties of Moscow and Hanoi in the supply of weapons. Our homeland — the largest supplier of weapons and ammunition in the fraternal Vietnam authorities of this country 90% of the purchase guns on city contracts. On Assessment Professionals, from 1950 to 2010. the volume of Russian-Vietnamese trade transactions tool in the amount exceeded 23.6 billion. bucks.

Our homeland identified Vietnam big loan — 8 billion. dollars — to build the first nuclear power plant in the country (and the build will be "Rosatom"). Russia's role in the planned construction of the ship repair yard in Vietnam, as a base for low-noise diesel-electric submarines of Project 636 (NATO to systemize — «KILO»), Hanoi also ordered the Russian. And our homeland will be able to take advantage of both the shipyard and base. At the current time as is licensed assembly of Russian missile boats Project 1241.8 'Lightning' armed RK "Uranus". The contract amount — about 1 billion. bucks. Two boats under contract to Vietnam in 2007-2008. transferred to Russia, and 10 ships Vietnamese mechanical engineers under the control of Russian professionals to build themselves.

Not so long ago, the Vietnamese authorities have declared readiness to expand military cooperation with Russia. The President of Vietnam in late July nepoprostu paid a visit to Russia. Truong Tan Sang spoke directly about the readiness of their own country to provide the RF port of Cam Ranh for creating Fri logistics. In addition, we are in the process of talking about the visit of the intention to strengthen inter with 2 states and military cooperation. However, a slip of the tongue: transmit their location to other countries for the construction of military bases in Vietnam does not want to.

"Logistics" and "military cooperation" in an era full of struggle for energy resources is inextricably linked. Hardly the first of today can be no second. In particular South-East Asia, where China is not only developing industrial, and rapidly increasing arms race (although the tool does not strum preferring brutal diplomacy and information attacks his enemy through the media).

Regarding the Cam Ranh port Truong Tan Sang said"After Our homeland has removed its military presence there, Vietnam took Kamran completely under his control. Vietnam, under any circumstances, does not want to cooperate with any of the states to the military use of the port of Cam Ranh Bay. "

Since April 2012, the South China Sea has a "Gazprom", which has signed agreements with Vietnam to develop the 2-offshore gas fields located near the "disputed" the Spratlys. At the Spratly estimated, — Huge supplies of gas (8.3 trillion. Cubic meters) and oil (35 billion. Tons). So do not be surprised that the island immediately announce its Vietnam, China, the Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei. Around the islands is produced each year 500 thousand tons of seafood. In general, a piece of yummy. Well, not a piece, and kusische.

Cam Ranh port for China — a strategic key to energy, are in relatively close proximity to the Spratly Islands (600 km). Because China is nervous and the last few months, believing that their actions Hanoi complicated international situation in the region. Beijing did not like the way that the Vietnamese president visited Moscow, and the fact that Vietnam has recently visited U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. The Chinese do not fool, and well aware that America is very interested in the balance of power in the Asia-Pacific region and is China its main planetary enemy. Change of president in white house or not — China is the enemy. At the Congress of the United States Republican Party in Tampa Celestial Empire was even written into the document recording it — along with Iran, North Korea and Russia — as an enemy of America. Beijing understands that between Moscow, Washington and Hanoi may appear strategic friendship against the rising China. Contractions of the Eastern "tigers" Moscow can benefit themselves and learn …

The Chinese, who are generally in recent years differ rough diplomacy, has accused Vietnam in anger. For example, a researcher at the Institute of Asia-Pacific and the global strategy of the Academy of Public Sciences of China Xu Liping said, that, say, the forces of Vietnam are limited, and therefore decided to reincarnate Hanoi Cam Ranh Bay in the reference point from which will be attacked by China.

Xu Liping also noted that geopolitical zeal Vietnam coincided with the strategic interests of the U.S. and Russia. In general, it is also waved off of, indicating that the possibility of placing a military base in Cam Ranh Bay — pathetic. After all, the RF port will result in significant rental costs, and so on loan there is no practical value.

A Chinese man has forgotten or purposely missed the fact that our homeland and Vietnam long time ago, in the days of the Soviet Union, have learned to make an excellent "practical significance." China just nervous, seeing as Hanoi operates in the South China Sea. If Vietnam was alone, and then to him as if stuck Our homeland and America …

In July, China situated on the Spratly archipelago (Father Woody) military garrison for the earlier building there Sansha town dwellers by 1000. America in the face of the State Department did not remain silent, saying that China is increasing tension in the region.

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in response accused the U.S. of interfering in the internal affairs of sovereign countries and "undermining efforts to establish a measured and economically prosperous Asia-Pacific region." Deputy head of the U.S. diplomatic mission in Beijing, Robert Wan was openly stated "strong rejection" of the U.S. position on the territorial dispute in the South China Sea. As for the media, the press organ of the Chinese Communist Party "People's Daily" in his characteristic manner recommended categorical America silence"Statement of the American side is misleading the public and should be fiercely refuted. We can just roar USA: Shut up! "

Obama, then, maybe it will shut up, but if the president has made Mitt Romney which at the Republican convention promised to be honest and forthright president, as opposed to a "flexible" Democrat Obama, he will find that the answer communist organs of the press in general and Beijing, preferring soon myagenkoy Eastern diplomacy usually very brutal rhetoric. Beijing should learn from Tokyo, is appealing against the other "controversial"
islands (for example, Dokdo) to the international court and ratuyuschemu for historical confirmation (which, however, in the old days had found in the museum South Korea — and, ha ha, in an old Japanese textbooks and atlases).

Chinese is not easy to qualify for oil and gas near the Spratlys. Vietnamese engaged in drilling for exploration blocks in the South China Sea has long been, and licenses issued by their foreign partners (among which the South American «ExxonMobil» and Russian "Gazprom"), — long, issued in the 10's years. Also collaborates with Hanoi Indian company ONGC, which is under pressure from China to cooperate had changed her mind, but later changed her mind budge. China's claim to oil and gas producers will eventually become very much looks like a geopolitical conflict — with several countries at once.

Aggravated conflict — was the work of the Chinese people in general, namely, the oil company CNOOC. It is June 23 announced tender in the middle of foreign companies in the development of nine exploration blocks in the South China Sea, extending to 160.1 thousand square meters. km. But these areas, as stated by the head of the «PetroVietnam» Van Hau, "located deep inside the continental shelf of Vietnam!" As for the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry, and there found the invitation of China's foreign oil as a danger own sovereignty.

As clarifies B. Vikhrov, the Chinese company CNOOC agreed that zabugorny capital share with her blocks 128-132 and 145-156. But the fact that the Russian "Gazprom" since 2007, is working on four areas in Vietnam in a joint venture with «PetroVietnam», and in October 2008, "Gazprom" and signed a contract for blocks 129, 130, 131, 132 for a period of 30 years. And in the text of the treaty, these blocks are allocated to the continental shelf of Vietnam. Finally, in the spring of this year, "Gazprom" and «PetroVietnam» agreed on a project for joint development of the licensed blocks 05.2 and 05.3.

Some numbers like litsezreem coincide … China is not the place — unless he longs to take up arms to Vietnam, on the Russian "Gazprom", followed by Russia and. And hunting, and prickly, as the proverb says. Local "Persian Gulf" is haunted by the rulers in Beijing …

The analyst Kang Lin considers, that in this particular conflict can win our home: pitting their heads … no, not Vietnam and China, but China and the United States. Our homeland will cooperate with Vietnam, Vietnam will be friends with the Philippines and China for America — definitely the enemy. The U.S. can not prevent it from strengthening in the Pacific Rim and the world. Kang Lin thinks that the PRC for the U.S. — it's like the Soviet Union for the United States during the cool of the war.

And yet here, and India. To this country as the head of the Pentagon Leon Panetta, the U.S. special lozhut hope — in aid to Afghanistan. India is friends with Russia — at least in the framework of BRICS, which comes and China — and has no quarrel with America.

There is a perception that continue to work offshore Vietnam, it was decided not running state of ONGC, and the Indian government, and with the submission of the United States. Director of the Institute of State Power Sergei Pravosudov convinced, that "the Americans are doing so deliberately, so were the problems in those countries from which China gets the oil. Iran, Sudan, Libya, certain other countries. The meaning of their actions on the board — narrow down the enemy to maneuver. In other words, cut off sources of oil supplies to China. "

It is logical that «ExxonMobil», collaborating with the Vietnamese, does not behave as Indian ONGC (then start an activity, it chooses to turn away from him, then pick up again.) For «ExxonMobil» (naikrupneyshey energy company in the world) as it is now and for ONGC, America stands for. In a sense, Washington's strategic value chosen the first of this year, the APR, but will play into the hands of geopolitical provocation of Beijing.

The Chinese, on which date so close oil and gas, nothing to do but to be rude and tell foreign diprabotnikam Department of State through the press to "shut up." China, the islands do not shine, regardless of the town built a thousand inhabitants. In the conflict over the Spratly and, more precisely, for the oil and gas, Beijing will have to face a very strong interest in Vietnam, Russia and the United States. On a global adventure of Chinese policy will not go. By the way, on one side with Russia, America and Vietnam will be the Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei, who also dream of a piece of oil and gas offshore.

But do not think, as if China will soon back down on oil and gas. Most likely, the garrison on the island. Woody posted not to scare potential enemies, but for completely possible future partition of minerals and mining areas. "The real method to overcome conflicts — writes B. Vikhrov — to find a compromise through the "exchanges" or joint operation. By the way, the Vietnamese «PetroVietnam» CNOOC and China were already reacting, worked together on projects of oil and gas in the northern part of the Gulf of Tonkin. In general, «PetroVietnam» partners appear about 60 foreign companies. In the midst of today's old Vietnamese worsening again reiterated that they invite the Chinese to cooperate, but only as a foreign investor on a par with others. "

In addition, Vietnam on the international political field behaves quite correctly: even a few anti-China demonstrations in Hanoi — and those accelerates.

So Makar, Hanoi has "suggested" to Beijing out of the current tense situation: to become a partner. Another thing is that China is not a lot of tits in his hand — Give him in the bush.

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